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In addition, after storms, the Township provides tree branch removal and mulching.  From April through November, the Township will provide chipping during the first full week of the month throughout the township.

Christmas Tree Pickup:
A week or two after the Christmas holidays, the Road Crew will spend a couple of days driving around the neighborhoods and chipping up Christmas trees that are left on the curbs.

Curbside Recycling:
Curbside Recycling of cans, bottles, paper and cardboard, etc. is handled by the Portage County Solid Waste Management

Leaf and Tree Branch Pickup: 
(Exact dates To Be Announced) - Each year, Franklin Township, in conjunction with the Portage County Recycling Center, sponsors a leaf pick-up. Loose leaves are gathered from the road edge, transported to The Hugo Sand Company where they are turned into leaf mulch, a nutrient rich humus, and made available to township residents. Pick-ups are generally scheduled for November and December, with all households offered two scheduled pick-ups. 

Misc. Cleanup/Recycling Days: 
The Township occasionally works together with local areas to have miscellaneous recycling days so residents can properly dispose of household items. The website will be updated to show these days as they are scheduled. 

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