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Franklin Township Park (Phillips Park) is conveniently located on north end of the township at 1119 Ravenna Road.  


On March 30, 1976, Bob and Betty Phillips generously donated their 8.7 acres of land at 1119 Ravenna Road to the Township. 


Bob was appointed Franklin Township Fire Protection Officer, at a salary of $300.00 per year, at the December 30, 1964 township meeting. His acceptance of this position relieved the Township Clerk of these same duties. 


During a Township celebration in June, 2004, the Trustees were honored to dedicate the pavilion at the Franklin Township Park as the Garrison Pavilion in appreciation to Robert Garrison for his 31 plus years of service to the Township.   Bob Garrison officially became Chairman of the Franklin Township Trustees at a special meeting held on January 3, 1966.  He had the foresight to ponder the issue for comprehensive land use planning in the Western Portage County area. 


The trustees at the time could not plan, only zone.  With the tri-county (Summit, Stark, Portage) planning leadership and the City of Kent, a plan was recorded.  Bob’s leadership along with that of other leaders such as Bob Stratton, Ray Loughridge, Richard Chase, Jay Taylor and Charles Beckwith enabled the document to be formed.  By 1969, the zoning restrictions/regulations had increased by four times that of 1965 and has since been modified several times. 


 - Hours for Franklin Township Parks are from dawn to dusk. 

 - The pavilion is available for family reunions and celebrations on a first come, first served basis.

- The pavilion may be reserved ahead of time by contacting the Township Hall at 330-673-2194.


There is ample parking in our paved parking lot. This family-oriented park is home to a beautiful picnic pavilion and new playground. 


* Visitors are reminded that the Ohio Revised Code 955.22 requires that except when lawfully engaged in hunting, the owner or handler of a dog shall not fail at anytime to keep the dog physically confined or restrained by a leash, tether, etc. to prevent escape and to keep the dog under reasonable control.  


Robert Phillips
Phillips Playground
Phillips Park Pavilion
Hankins Pavilion
Phillips Family
Phillips Park Playground


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